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Welcome to STAR Logistics Intl.

With over 30 years of experience in logistics, handling and storage our team is ready to be at your service. Either by working in stevedoring companies as operations manager and warehouse manager, or as forwarder in an international forwarding company. This gives us the benefit of knowing our way around in the Port of Antwerp, and provides us with the necessary contacts in stevedoring companies, shipping lines, port- agencies, customs department, etc. to handle the transport of your goods efficiently and professionally.

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Rail transport

Our services

What can we offer you?

Discover our wide range of transport options at home and abroad.

Our Services

Worldwide transport

We offer you a wide range of different means of transport to ship your goods worldwide.

Handling & storage

Thanks to our experience and accumulated contacts, we can offer you the best options for handling and storage.



You can count on us for an accurate handling of all your customs matters.

All this combined with a high level of service makes STAR Logistics International the ideal partner to get your goods to your customer in the best, fastest and cheapest way possible.

Our policy

STAR Logistics International is a small forwarding company, but it is exactly that fact that makes it possible for us to give you the highest service level.


Our customers’ trust and needs is our focus. Our aim is to take an active, long-term interest in our customers’ business.

We are constantly evaluating our suppliers in order to make sure that we provide our customers with the best solutions on the market. This includes the price levels for transport, handling and storage, but also the service level of our suppliers. Lead times, quality of their equipment, ...

We also evaluate our own status towards our customers. We believe that our quality level must match the customer‘s standards at all times.

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