About us

A short intro

Although Star Logistics International has just recently been established, our team has built up experience for over 30 years in logistics, handling and storage. Either by working in stevedoring companies as operations manager or warehouse manager, or as forwarder in an international forwarding company.

This gives us the benefit of knowing our way around in the Port of Antwerp, and provides us with the necessary contacts in stevedoring companies, shipping lines, port- agencies, customs department, etc.

Shipping worldwide, export as well as import, a complete network for inland transportation all over Europe, handling and storage within the Port of Antwerp (or in the hinterland), customs clearance. These are the services we are specialized in. And happy to offer to you!

All of this, combined with a very high service level, makes Star Logistics International your ideal partner to get your goods in the best, the fastest and the cheapest way to your customers.


We have very good contacts with every shipping line or agency in Antwerp.

Antwerp is still the main port in Europe if it comes to bulk cargo, but also every major container shipping line offers a service from, or to the Port of Antwerp.

This makes it possible for us to offer you ocean freight services for your cargo throughout the world, in bulk carriers as well as in container (FCL or LCL). Also here we benefit from our connections with the stevedores, customs department, port agencies, etc.


With a network of over 35 trucking companies, we can take care of your deliveries all over Europe, both FTL (full truck loads) as well as part loads. With this network we are able to cover all possible products, palletized goods, general cargo, steel products, bulk cargo, etc. No limits there.

35 companies means a fleet of several hundreds of trucks in all thinkable shapes and sizes:

  • Tautliner trailers for pallets, general cargo, steel products, .. that need a covered, dry delivery
  • Flatbed trailers for cargo wider than 2.4 m, with authorization if wider than 2.5 m. still possible to cover with tarpaulins if needed
  • Coil trailers for steel coils with unit weight from 5 to 25 tons
  • Extendable trailers for lengths from 14 to 35 m
  • Hydraulic liftable trailers for cargo up to 4.0 m wide
  • Deeploaders for cargo with overheight
  • Intermodal solutions, train + truck, barge + truck,… in most of the European countries


Airfreight may not be the cheapest way to deliver your goods, in some situations it is the ultimate solution to serve your customer.

We have a number of agents in all airlines who can make sure that your cargo is at the other side of the world in no time if the need is there.

Rail transport

Within the Port of Antwerp we have a major railway setup with several railway transport providers.

This way we can cover the complete European network with all types of railcars. Whether for general cargo, steel products, bulk cargo, forest products,…

Intermodal transport has grown a lot within the last years, and Antwerp has become an important hub in the European distribution network. So also here we can make perfect propositions to get your cargo delivered by rail + truck.

Handling & storage

30 years of working in the Port of Antwerp gives us the best contacts with all the stevedoring companies.

This makes it easy for us to give you the best rates and possibilities for handling and storage of your incoming cargo.

It also makes us experts to do inspection on the goods, before shipment when export, or after arrival when import.


Star Logistics International is a small forwarding company, but it is exactly that fact that makes it possible for us to give you the highest service level.

Our customers’ trust and needs is our focus. Our aim is to take an active, long-term interest in our customers’ business.

We are constantly evaluating our suppliers in order to make sure that we provide our customers with the best solutions on the market. This includes the price levels for transport, handling and storage, but also the service level of our suppliers. Lead times, quality of their equipment, ...

We also evaluate our own status towards our customers. We believe that our quality level must match the customer‘s standards at all times.


Get in touch with us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. For specific questions about inquiries or offers, you can contact us on the following address sales@star-logistics.be